Door Token
Moving from DEX to CEX
DOOR is now available on multiple Centralized Exchanges including Bitmart and Bitrue.

Here is an update on the transition.

Hey everyone, it's time for us to make the big move onto ⭐️CEX⭐️. We knew this day would come, and to kick off 2022 - we wanted to put us in the best position for growth.✅
We are currently ⭐️moving liquidity from DEX ⭐️ to centralized exchanges. In was necessary to make this move to avoid arbitrage occurring between CEX and Uniswap. (in fact we already started seeing it this week) 😕 Not to mention the rising Gas Fees make it impossible for people to buy/sell and create volume (which is what we need to grow)
Here are other reasons why we want to make the move:
✅ CEX has more buyers
✅ CEX has real volume
✅ CEX has a true order book to provide real price discovery
✅ CEX has low transaction fees
✅ CEX supports movement of tokens to and from ERC20
✅ CEX is easier to onboard
Since our Market Makers only operate on CEX exchanges, the DEX is vulnerable. Traders will buy a lot of DOOR on CEX at low prices (due to wide spreads) and then sell in bulk on DEX. They would eventually drain the LP. This is the only way to protect our LP, and make the jump to CEX.
The good news is we were prepared and already in the process of moving from DEX -> CEX. This just accelerated the process.
We currently have healthy liquidity on both CEXs and will add more with the 3rd.
This is the necessary step for us to move to the next phase.
❓❓❓Here is FAQ ❓❓❓
👉 Why is liquidity low on Uniswap
Answer - We have moved it to CEX. We have around 60% of our liquidity already on our CEX, and now the DEX (Uniswap) is minimal and thus can be vulnerable to arbitrage since it is not in sync with centralized exchanges. We are moving it from DEX to CEX.
👉 Why did we move to CEX
Answer - This was the plan since Day 1. Our goal was to launch on Uniswap, and then move to Central Exchanges to draw in more buyers, more volume and more potential for growth/liquidity
👉 Can people still buy and sell on Uniswap?
Answer - Yes. We will maintain a small liquidity pool to make it less vulnerable to arbitrage. We want to have a majority of our liquidity on CEX moving forward.
👉 Will this affect Price
Answer - Price will be determined by buy/sells and could be impacted by moving to CEX. But the price that is determined by the CEX will ultimately be closer to the value of the token since it's based on order book (not the Automated market maker of DEX). We expect the price on DEX to be more volatile due to the drop in liquidity, but will not be the true market price of DOOR, since most of the liquidity and trading will be on CEX.
👉 What will happen next?
Answer - We will be strengthening our liquidity on the CEX Exchanges. And we will be pushing people to join those exchanges to buy. Ultimately it does benefit the holder due to lower transaction fees - easier onboarding, etc. Uniswap is good for launching a new token, but is not sustainable as an exchange due to high gas, and limited access to traders.