What makes DOOR unique?


One of the most common questions about any new (or old) crypto is “What does it do?”. It’s a great question. Most crypto today is mostly a financial asset or platform - and its primary utility is to support the ecosystem of cryptocurrency. In fact, very few crypto assets showcase real application outside of decentralized finance (DeFi).

Watch a short video on why DOOR is good for the Consumer.

This is what makes DOOR different. It has utility that brings value to both the consumer and the advertiser. On one side, people want to control and potentially profit off their data. For years, centralized corporations have been selling our data for massive profits. With DOOR the transition of power can be put back into the consumer’s hands.

The other side is the Advertiser. Every day online ads become more and more expensive because they are controlled by a handful of the same centralized monopolies (Google, Facebook, etc). Advertisers would love to cut out the middle-man and connect directly with the consumer (especially when the consumer is opted-in and looking for their product or service).

It truly is a win-win. Consumers get paid to connect with products and services they want to buy - and the Advertiser can directly connect with potential customers at a competitive price.

Value Proposition to Stakeholders

Benefits to the Consumer

  • Own and Control their Data

  • Profit from licensing their Data

  • Access Quality Products and Services

Benefits to the Advertiser (Product / Service Provider)

  • Direct Access Consumers looking for their product/service

  • Price competitive lead generation

  • Provides clear value proposition to Consumer

DOOR has Utility

Unlike many other crypto assets, DOOR has real utility in connecting consumers with advertisers. In order to ensure consumers are rewarded for the use of their data, there is a clear need for a scalable payment system that allows for thousands (perhaps millions) of small transactions from advertisers to millions of consumers.

At the same time, there is existing demand from advertisers to be able to easily transact and license data that is authorized and accurate directly from consumers. Building an ecosystem of millions of consumers and thousands of advertisers where the consumers are rewarded directly would be impossible to build without leveraging the foundation of blockchain and a decentralized model.

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