Data Use F.A.Q.

The following outlines how you control your data and where and how it is stored and licensed.

Where is my Data stored?

Your data is stored in your account. Your data is never provided to any third party unless that party explicitly licenses it on the DOOR network. Any 3rd party that accesses your data is required to license using DOOR+.

Is my Data on the Blockchain?

No. No personal or property data is on the blockchain. All data is stored securely on our platform. DOOR+ leverages the blockchain (Ethereum) to facilitate buying and selling of DOOR. No personal information is put on the blockchain or any other public source.

When is my Data available to be licensed by 3rd Parties?

Your data is available to be licensed by 3rd parties if and only if

  • They pay to license your data using DOOR+..

What if I want to remove my Data and delete my Account?

If you would like to remove your data please contact us at or visit and submit a ticket in the support chat.

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