Door Token

Door Wallet Sign Up

The following page outlines how to sign up and setup your Door Wallet
Everyone that registers on DOOR+ is automatically registered on All of your DOOR rewards are stored in Door Wallet. Conversely, if you sign up on, you'll automatically be registered on DOOR+ using the same login.

If you are an Advertiser or Consumer, you setup Door Wallet the same way

In order to keep things simple, and allow any user the ability to license their own data or license other people's data, the DOOR wallet experience is the same for everyone.

How to Sign up to Door Wallet

The first step is to sign up and create an account. Please use a valid Email and Phone, since we verify your contact information before sending rewards.

Step 2: Verify your Account

In order to ensure your information is accurate, we ask you to help verify your account. Before you can receive rewards and also license data (to or from other users) - you need to verify your email, phone, and identity with a mailing address.

Step 3: Add your Property

Go to My Property > Add my Property. You can add one or more properties. Make sure you have at least one document showing proof of ownership or you are an agent.
If you are a consumer and want to earn rewards for notifying advertisers when you intend on purchasing home services and products - then you need to add each property you own or acting as an approved agent on behalf of the owner.
All that is required is the full Address of the Property and a document proving ownership or your ability to act as an agent.
Here is a list of documents that will help with verification (we only require one):
  • Utility Bill with your Name (water, electric, cable, etc)
  • Listing Agreement (if you are a real estate agent/broker)
  • Lease Agreement (if you are lessee)
  • Home Inspection (if you are a home inspector)
  • Drivers License (if the address of the property is on the license)
Note: If you are an advertiser and do not want to license your property data or earn rewards for registering your property - you can skip this step. You are not required to add your properties in order to buy leads (license data).

Step 4: Opt-In to the Home Services you need in the future

When you add your property you will be asked which home services and products do you intend to buy in the near future. This is how we match you with quality services providers and also how you earn DOOR. Remember, every Service professional who accesses (licenses) your data pays you in DOOR Tokens.
You can select the options when you first add the property, or simply click on the property at any time to update your preferences on services you need. You can turn this off or on as needed.

Step 5: Wait for Verification

Once your account and property are verified you will earn your first DOOR Token rewards. And if you opted-in to any of the home professional services you will also be available to our network of advertisers to license your data.

Step 6: Advertiser Setup (optional)

Go to My Leads > Lead Settings. This is only required for Advertisers looking to license data and receive leads.
If you are a business/advertiser you can set up your account to receive leads. The first step is setting up your LEAD SETTINGS.
Under Lead Settings, you can configure your account.
Option 1: Automatically License Data that Matches my Criteria
If you would like to automatically license any lead that matches your criteria in order to be first to contact the lead - we highly recommend checking this box. Otherwise, you will need to manually log in and select each lead 1-by-1 you want to license.
Option 2: Notify me when a new Lead matches my criteria
If you would like to receive an email each time a lead matches your criteria, we highly recommend checking this box. This is the only way we currently notify you when there is a new lead.
Restricting your leads to specific Zip Codes
Most small businesses (especially home professional services) are local. Therefore you will only want to see leads that are in your area. You can add the zip codes that you want to receive leads based on the property address.

Step 7: Advertiser - Select your Lists

Go to My Leads > Subscribe to List. This is only required for Advertisers looking to license data and receive leads.
Depending on your business, you will want leads that match your service or product. The advertiser/business can subscribe to the lists they feel would signal a quality lead for their business. For example, the real estate agent would subscribe to the "Looking to Sell their Home" list.
Over time, DOOR will continue to add more lists as they onboard new advertisers and consumers.

Step 8: Advertiser - View Leads

Go to My Leads > My Leads. You will only see leads when you subscribe to Lists and they fall within the zip codes you set up in Lead Settings.
Advertisers who have completed the setup of their account will be able to view leads. Each lead will show the last update time and the list it falls under. You can click on the lead to view all the contact information.