Door Wallet Transactions

The Door Wallet allows users to deposit and withdraw DOOR from their accounts. You can view all transactions, deposits, and withdrawals under the My Wallet section of

Depositing or Buying DOOR

To deposit DOOR, you can purchase DOOR via credit card or deposit DOOR Tokens from your Metamask wallet (if you purchased DOOR via Uniswap). Once you have deposited DOOR into your Wallet, you can begin purchasing leads.

Withdrawing DOOR

To withdraw DOOR, you will be required to have a Metamask Wallet set up to receive the tokens. Once you transfer your DOOR Tokens into your Metamask wallet, you can then swap DOOR Tokens on the Uniswap Exchange.

If you need a tutorial on how to set up Metamask and how to use Uniswap, see the next section titled Setup Metamask.

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