Wallet Audit

The following allows anyone to view wallets we use to operate the business.

As you know all transactions can be viewed using Etherscan. This enables any owner of DOOR to monitor all transactions that occur.

Updated July 12 2022

Current Balances

Rewards = 345,646,903

Holding Wallet = 489,057,218 (this is 100% equivalent to DOOR currently in MyDoorWallet accounts)

Staking Wallet = 357,657,662 (Founders Stakes)

Ops Wallet = 25,029

Circulation = ~10,000,000

Total = 1,200,000,000

Wallet Descriptions below for those who want to understand the use of each wallet.

Rewards Wallet


The Rewards Wallet is where we store DOOR Tokens that we issue as rewards directly to users of DOOR App and MyDoorWallet.com.

Rewards Pool is used exclusively for:

  • Rewards paid for Verified Property Registrations.

  • Rewards paid for Affiliate Program.

  • Rewards paid for Staking Program.

  • Rewards paid for Social Sharing Program.

  • Rewards paid for Consumer Attention and Engagement.

  • Rewards paid for Promotions.

Staking Wallet


The staking wallet is where Founders staked their tokens. The first year stake was completed on July 2022. All current staked tokens are locked and will be time-released over the next three years.

Holding Wallet


The Holding Wallet is where all tokens are held for Users using the MyDoorWallet.com. DOOR operates as the custodian of users DOOR and stores in this wallet.

Operations Wallet


The Operations Wallet is used to operate the day-to-day operations of DOOR. Since DOOR operates like a business there are many transactions that require the ability to deposit and withdraw. Here are the different types of income and expenses to expect in the Operations wallet.

  • All DOOR purchases via the MyDoorWallet.com app are deposited into the Operations Wallet as USDC and then put into the open market via Uniswap.

  • All DOOR expenses to vendors that accept crypto are paid from the DOOR Ops Wallet.

  • All expenses related to the gap in token price between Uniswap and MyDoorWallet purchases. Due to the rapid movement of Uniswap, we set price higher via MyDoorWallet to ensure minimum loss.

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