Door Token
Wallet Audit
The following allows anyone to view wallets we use to operate the business.
As you know all transactions can be viewed using Etherscan. This enables any owner of DOOR to monitor all transactions that occur.
Updated May 13th.

On May 13th we launched our 2022 Roadmap

On May 13th we launched a plan for the future of DOOR+, DOOR Coin.
The Plan moving forward include three major components 1) Time Lock 2) Auction and 3) Burn. The goal of this plan to provide a long term plan for liquidity (with an immediate option via auction), strengthen confidence on DOOR Coin via a common-sense locking plan and burning a majority of un-used tokens.
The Public Auction was held on May 13th at 10AM EST. The Auction will be open until all tokens in the Pool are sold. The format will a Dutch Auction where the price per token will start at .04 and reduce to .005. The price will adjust each hour by .01 (and lastly .005). Up to 300M Tokens will be sold during the auction (this depends on how many are put into the auction pool by holders who are part of the staking program that unlocks in July). The tokens sold at Auction will be locked and not effect the market price of DOOR.
In conjunction with the Auction 2.8B DOOR tokens was burned which will reduce the total supply to 1.2B. (See Transaction here)
Finally, the 355M Door that are part of the Founders staking pool will be time-locked for 3 years where each month a percentage is unlocked starting Jan. 2023. Year 1 will be 1% per month, Year 2 will be 2% per month and Year 3 will be 3% per month and the remaining unlocked at end of year 3. Due to the lack of liquidity to support the sale of DOOR Coin today, this plan is meant to allow for the token to build value in a reasonable timeline.

Current Balances

Rewards = 435,646,903
Holding Wallet = 399,062.218
Staking Wallet = 357,657,662
Ops Wallet = 769,493
Circulation = 6,863,724
Total = 1,200,000,000
Wallet Descriptions below for those who want to understand the use of each wallet.

Rewards Wallet

The Rewards Wallet is where we store DOOR Tokens that we issue to users who register their property. The number of tokens allocated to rewards was 70% of all tokens issued which equates to 2.8 Billion. You will notice the balance on the Rewards Wallet is much less than that - and it's because we store the majority of the tokens in the VAULT Wallet. The Vault Wallet is where we securely store tokens. Although we use encryption and best practices when it comes to security, since the Rewards Wallet is accessible via our platform, we limit the balance of this wallet.
Rewards Pool is used exclusively for:
  • Rewards paid for Verified Property Registrations.
  • Rewards paid for Affiliate Program.
  • Rewards paid for Staking Program.
  • Rewards paid for Social Sharing Program.
  • Rewards paid for Consumer Attention and Engagement.
  • Rewards paid for Promotions.

Staking Wallet

The staking wallet is where Founders staked their tokens starting July 2021 to July 2022. These tokens are locked and not available for sale on the open market. As we approach July 2022, the Founders have committed to a plan to convert to a long-term ladder stake which will allow for limited liquidity and protect the value of DOOR. All plans will be communicated to token holders as we approach July 2022.
Note: If you want to monitor Founder Wallets - you just need to see all the FROM Addresses who deposited into the Staking Wallet. This makes it easy to locate Founder Wallets.

Holding Wallet

The Holding Wallet is where all tokens are held for Users using the DOOR operates as the custodian of users DOOR and stores in this wallet.

Operations Wallet

The Operations Wallet is used to operate the day-to-day operations of DOOR. Since DOOR operates like a business there are many transactions that require the ability to deposit and withdraw. Here are the different types of income and expenses to expect in the Operations wallet.
  • All DOOR purchases via the app are deposited into the Operations Wallet as USDC and then put into the open market via Uniswap.
  • All DOOR expenses to vendors that accept crypto are paid from the DOOR Ops Wallet.
  • All expenses related to the gap in token price between Uniswap and MyDoorWallet purchases. Due to the rapid movement of Uniswap, we set price higher via MyDoorWallet to ensure minimum loss.