Fairness and Transparency

The Effects of Supply and Demand

The price of DOOR Token will be driven by supply (how much Property Data is registered) and demand (how many advertisers looking to license data). The value of the product will be what drives the price of the DOOR Token since they are connected. If the price is too expensive - fewer Advertisers will be willing to license. If the price is too cheap, fewer Property Owners will be willing to maintain their Property Data.

Considering there is an existing market for Property Data and Actionable Real-Time Data the pricing should approach the current market rates for Data over time as adoption increases. Until there is a critical mass, the pricing for Property Data will be much cheaper via the Door platform than the current Market - which creates the initial demand.

Fairness and Transparency

All DOOR Token transactions are published on the Ethereum Blockchain, thus everyone knows the current price per DOOR Token and everyone is getting the same price for Property Data. The early adopters will have an advantage in pricing when exchanging or purchasing DOOR Tokens, but the pricing of Data will always be the same for everyone in DOOR Tokens. One DOOR Token will buy the same data for everyone at the time of purchase. This supports fairness and transparency of pricing.

How Decisions are made in Door

Door will provide control to any changes to the contract and operations of the DOOR Token to the Registered Property Owners once we reach 100,000 Property Owners to ensure there is no potential for compromising the system. Any changes proposed will be presented to the Property Owners for a digital vote. If the vote is 51% or higher then the change will be implemented.

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