Door Token
How to sell DOOR Tokens
The following options are available to sell your DOOR Tokens

Option 1: Sell on Exchange

We currently are listed on multiple exchanges including CoinTiger, Bitmart and Bitrue.

Option 2: Sell on Uniswap

NOTE: We are currently transitioning off of Uniswap as the primary exchange. There is limited liquidity on Uniswap thus price may not be accurate. Please see Bitmart or Bitrue for accurate pricing.
You can swap your DOOR Tokens for Ether or USDC on Uniswap. In order to do this, you first need to transfer your DOOR Tokens into your Metamask Wallet. If you have DOOR Tokens in your Door Wallet on, simply click on withdraw and put in the address of the Metamask Wallet you want to transfer your DOOR Token.
When withdrawing DOOR from your Door Wallet to Metamask there are Transaction Fees (Gas Fees) that the DOOR Owner is responsible for paying.

Transaction Fees (Ethereum Gas Fees)

All transaction fees on Metamask and Uniswap are the responsibility of the owner of DOOR Token. Because transaction fees can range in cost, we strongly encourage that you pay close attention to fees before selling DOOR Token.

Holding DOOR has advantages

If you plan on purchasing data in the future, you may consider holding your DOOR and not transferring it out of your Door Wallet. The reason is that the cost of the Data is set in DOOR. If the price for the DOOR Token goes up over time, then to re-purchase DOOR at a later date will mean you are paying more for the same data.
For example, if a Lead costs 100 DOOR and you currently paid $0.10 per DOOR, then your cost per lead would be $10. If the price of DOOR increases over time (hypothetically) to $0.50, and you buy DOOR at this price - your cost per lead is now $50. This is why we recommend to advertisers to purchase enough DOOR to cover a minimum of 12 months of leads.