Dispute Resolution

Reputation Management

When an advertiser licenses data there is an expectation of quality. Likewise, when a user is licensing their data they expect the use of the data to be professional. Door is implementing measures to ensure both users and advertisers can maintain their reputation through the Door App. Any user and advertiser can submit a complaint related to one or more of the following issues:

  • Bad / Fraudulent Data

  • Misuse of Data

  • False / Misleading Actionable Data

  • Fake Profiles

Resolution Process

Once a complaint is submitted by a user or advertiser, Door will investigate the issue and allow both parties to provide details. If the complaint justifies a reversal of payment, Door will deduct the payment from the user's account and deposit it to the advertiser's account. If the complaint justifies the discontinued use of data by an advertiser, the advertiser's account will be placed on hold and all affected data will be removed from their account with no refund or payment.

Locking Accounts

If there is a dispute that justifies the locking of a user or advertiser's account, Door Admin reserves the right to lock accounts until a resolution is found. Once an account is locked, the user will not be able to deposit or withdraw DOOR Tokens and will not be able to access any licensed data or property data. The purpose of locking an account is to avoid further fraudulent activity or misuse of the Door App during the dispute resolution.

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