Door Token
Introduction to Door
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What is DOOR?

DOOR connects consumers and advertisers to facilitate transactions that reward consumers for the authorized use of their data. Every time a consumer's data is used for commercial use they are rewarded with DOOR Tokens. Advertisers purchase DOOR Tokens to be used for licensing authorized data from Consumers. By eliminating the middleman, the consumer and business can benefit from a direct connection via DOOR.

How does it work?

Property Owners register their property onto the network and provide information that would be valuable to advertisers including intentions to sell their property, repair or remodel their property or purchase other home services. Once the data is updated by the owner, advertisers are able to license the data using DOOR Token. The DOOR Token is the payment for the use of data and transferred to the property owner.

Why do we need DOOR?

If you own your real estate, you should own the data too. The purpose of DOOR is to enable property owners to earn income from licensing key data about their property and any requests related to their property. At the same time Door provides a better delivery system of authorized data to advertisers. Today, the licensing of property data does not reward property owners and provides low-quality data at monopolized pricing to advertisers.

What is a DOOR Token

DOOR Token is a utility token (ERC20) built on the Ethereum platform. The primary purpose of DOOR Token is to facilitate payment from advertisers when they license real estate data directly from property owners.

How does the Consumer / Property Owner benefit?

A property owner earns DOOR tokens when they register their property on the network and make their data available for advertisers to license. Property owners earn DOOR Tokens every time their data is accessed.

How does an Advertiser benefit?

Advertisers can access real-time accurate data about properties including basic property data and any intentions from the property owner in purchasing home services or products.
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