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What is Staking?
Staking is the best way to earn DOOR with DOOR you already own. Stake your DOOR to earn high-yield interest.
Staking DOOR is an option for any user of who owns DOOR. Staking is when you lock up your DOOR for a period of time and earn high yield interest on your DOOR.
Staking APY % will depend on
    The amount of DOOR you are staking (minimums and maximums)
    The amount of Time you are staking (locking) your DOOR
    Other factors may include certain qualifications (e.g. some Staking Pools only available to holders who have never sold DOOR, etc)

How it works

Staking is very simple. When you login to you can stake any DOOR that is currently not in a locked wallet. You can select the Staking Pool that meets you requirements and deposit your DOOR. Once you commit to staking DOOR we create a separate wallet which is locked for the designated period of time. You are able to still view your balance and also the expected return once the staking is complete.

What is a Staking Pool?

A staking Pool is a specific Staking program with certain requirements and a limited availability and capacity for people to participate. When you stake your DOOR in a Staking Pool you are agreeing to the terms of that specific pool which include the Time Frame, Amount (Min/Max), APY %. When a Staking Pool is full, then no additional users can stake in the pool.

Frequently Asked Questions

How much can I stake and how long?
We offer multiple Staking Pools (options) to choose from in the app. Some of them have limits on how much can be staked. We will continue to add new staking programs over time.
Can I un-stake?
No. Once you stake your DOOR you can not un-stake or unlock the wallet until the time period has expired.
How and when is the interest paid after the stake ends?
When the stake expires, we calculate the APY % and deposit both the original amount staked plus interest into the staked wallet and it is unlocked. All interest is paid in DOOR.
Can I stake in multiple pools?
Yes. You can stake in every pool up to the designated limit. All limits are defined on the staking page in the app where we show the staking pools.
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