Door Help
DOOR+ Rewards
This page explains how rewards work in the DOOR+ app
DOOR+ rewards work as follows:
  • Every user who downloads and uses the app will share a DAILY POOL of tokens that are allocated for rewards. The size of the DAILY POOL will be determined by the total daily advertising spend of DOOR+ advertisers.
  • The DAILY POOL will be distributed pro-rata based on how much usage of the app each user does including searching for products/services, clicking and viewing ads and content.
  • The rewards from DAILY POOL will be automatically deposited into the user's account.
  • We update your rewards every hour for your activity. These rewards will be reflected in your app balance hourly.
  • Rewards are deposited into your rewards wallet after 24 hours. This allows our system to reconcile against fraud, system errors, or any other anomalies that may occur.
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