Door Help
Setup External Wallets
You can easily add external wallets in your app.
Setup you Account first.
NOTE: For those participating in any promotion (Founders Friday, etc) - PLEASE add your external wallet where you hold DOOR. This is the wallet we will tie to the promotion. When the lock-up period has ended you will be asked to login to and verify ownership of the wallet and then your tokens will be released.
In order to send DOOR from to your external wallet, you must first add your External Ethereum Wallet address to External Wallets under My Wallet section.

First Step: Add External Wallet Address

If you go to My Wallet, you will see a section at bottom called External Wallets. This is where you can add one or more external Ethereum Wallets (Metamask, Coinbase Wallet, etc). Once you add your wallet you will see it appear when / if you are withdrawing from your account to your external wallets.

Add only Ethereum Wallet Addresses

It is important to only add Ethereum supported wallets. DOOR Token is an ERC20 Token and only supports Ethereum Wallets.
Here is where you add your Wallet Address. When you click the button "Add new External Wallet" you will see this form popup.
Once you add your external wallet, you will see it appear under External Wallets. You will also see it autofill in the Withdraw form to make it easier to move DOOR Tokens to your external wallets.