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Our mission is to provide you quality content and applications that reward you for searching, clicking and viewing content in our app.
The official DOOR+ app is currently available for both iOS and Android devices. With DOOR+ you can earn DOOR crypto for engaging with high-quality advertisers and content creators via the app.
Built using web3 technology, DOOR empowers you to take ownership of your data and connects you directly with content providers and advertisers looking to provide products and services you want to view.
With DOOR, you can enjoy fresh and created content from a wide range of categories!
• Crypto - News, updates, and analysis from trusted sources
• Estate - Insight and a little flex on real estate, finance, and related
• Trend - Emerging trends ranging from fashion to crypto powered movements
• Zen - Life balance, personal health, and techniques
• Meta - A look into the future of technology
• Luxe - Flex on em’ with luxury content, brands
• More content and categories are added on a weekly basis!
Download for iOS here:
‎DOOR+ Crypto News
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Download for Android here:
DOOR+ Crypto News - Apps on Google Play
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