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50&5 Match and Reward
The 50&5 Campaign ran between August 18th and August 25th, 2021. The rules of the campaign are below:
All DOOR Referral Network (DRN) members are granted exclusive access to a 50% match on any DOOR they purchase between August 18th and August 25th. In addition, referral bonuses of 5% are given to members for all purchases made by referred members during the campaign!

General Terms & Conditions

    Add your Ethereum wallet ID to enter and get your unique referral URL.
    Campaign runs between August 18th thru Aug 25th, 2021.
    Only purchases that happen on these days count towards 50% match and 5% referral bonus.
    Only HOLDERS qualify for this campaign. Any member of the DOOR referral network that has sold DOOR does not qualify for the 50% match. Any new members who did not yet own DOOR still qualify.
    All matches and referral bonus DOOR will be distributed by Aug 31st into locked wallets on The lock up period is 1 year.
    Referral Bonus will be tracked by the ERC20 wallet addresses of all buyers. If you referred someone to the DRN (via your link) and they purchased during the campaign you will get credit for the 5% referral bonus.
    You can continue to add people to your referral network by sharing your link from during the campaign and receive bonus if they purchase during the campaign dates.
    All members must have a account to receive rewards and bonuses. Only a verified email is required to open an account. Members must add your ERC20 wallet address under external wallets in order for us to track/match any purchases you make during the campaign.
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