Door Help
How to Deposit Door
In order to buy leads, you need to deposit Door into your Door Wallet.
There are two options for depositing DOOR Coins into your DOOR wallet. You can purchase Door using a credit card or you can deposit DOOR from your Metamask Wallet (which means you purchased Door on Uniswap).
Login to and go to My Wallet > Deposit.
NOTE: If you are depositing from Metamask to DoorWallet, make sure you have enough ETH to cover your Gas Fees. Metamask does not do a great job of making this clear.
Watch the video tutorial on depositing/withdrawing from Door Wallet here

How much DOOR should I deposit?

When you buy DOOR you are locking in your price per lead at the current rate. Since DOOR's value in U.S. dollars and the open market can up or down, it's important to know that leads are priced in DOOR which ensures you lock in your lead price.
The number of leads is impossible to predict. The volume of leads is based on how many consumers register and opt-in. The good news is you only pay when a lead is purchased. It is pay-as-you-go. Due to the unknown amount of volume, we always suggest a minimum of $100 (which at $10 a lead, for example, would be 10 leads). Of course, you may consider putting more in your DOOR Wallet and locking in your lead price early for the year. In that case, you may consider $500 or more in your account if you're a small business. For larger (regional/national) businesses, the amount should be much larger.
Last modified 3mo ago