Pre-Sale Lock Schedule

The following outlines the Lock Schedules for Pre-Sale Buyers and the logic of the algorithm that determines the amount and time of releases.

What is a Time-Lock?

A majority of the Pre-Sale Tokens (approximately 840B) are now time-locked and not able to be transferred or sold until they are released. The release schedule outlines how many tokens will be released over time.

What determines how many are released?

The primary factors include:
  • Current Price / Liquidity / Volume of the Token
  • Number of Holders
  • Duration of the Lock
  • Original Purchase Price in Pre-Sale
  • Buy / Sell behavior of Wallet
  • Circulating Tokens You
The purpose of the Time-Lock is to protect the project and provide confidence to holders. The liquidity pool, number of holders and volume have to support the circulating tokens.
*** Tokens in MDW custodial wallet are required to be transferred prior to selling or receiving reflections.
*** On Market tokens are tokens in ERC20 Wallets that can be sold at any time.