What happens on Buy/Sell/Transfer

When a transaction occurs on the NIL Contract (buy, sell, transfer) the contract will tax 15%. The purpose of the 5/5/5 Tax is to reward holders and maintain the health of the token. Here is how it benefits NIL Holders:
  • 2% Burn increases the value of tokens because there are less tokens in circulation.
  • 3% Marketing Fee
  • 5% to liquidity pool helps build stronger liquidity (which is very important in order to sell NIL)
  • 5% to reflexions rewards all holders of NIL.
The mathematical model dramatically increases the value of tokens the earlier a person owns and the longer they hold the token. Rewarding this behavior will have a positive impact on the value of the token long term.

How it works

The contract automatically manages the distributions of the 5/5/5 model.