Taxes / Slippage

0% TAX on all transactions until further notice

Previously there was a tax on NIL outlined below:
When buying on Uniswap set your Slippage to 18% or more to ensure Transaction will be successful.
NIL is a deflationary token which benefits holders by paying reflections, burning tokens and adding to the liquidity pool. This is done via a 15% Tax.
5% for Reflections (which means holders earn more NIL with every buy and sell.
2% Burn (which means we burn 2% of every transaction) this makes it hyper-deflationary, which makes the NIL token more scarce with each buy and sell.
3% Marketing Fee (which means we allocate 3% of every transaction) which will be spent on marketing the token and project to ensure we bring new buyers.
5% Liquidity (which means we add 5% of each transaction to the Liquidity Pool to allow for holders to easily buy and sell)