Token Health Update

Update Apr 26, 2022

As part of determining the timing of unlocking tokens we evaluate the health of the NIL Token including the following statistics (below). There are approximately 848,514,195,503 tokens locked under the pre-sale.
We based our decision on liquidity, volume, last 30 days of buys/sells. Our goal is to prevent any one holder (or small group) dumping their pre-sale tokens and having a negative effect on the overall project and all holders. After reviewing the last 60 days, we have determined their is strong support at .000013 price level on both the DEX and CEX.
The order book on CEX is very thin bid and ask orders, however it does provide low transaction fees for trading and low liquidity.


We will continue to unlock 1% per month. To save money on gas fees we will continue to require a formal request for the unlock here: Request Unlock