How NFT Locker works is the official NFT Marketplace for NIL Coin and Postgame.

How to Buy

You can buy an NFT on NFT Locker using Ethereum, Credit Card or Paypal.

Who holds my NFT?

After you purchase an NFT, NFT Locker mints the NFT on the Polygon Chain and acts as a custodian. You can transfer to your ERC20 Wallet if you prefer holding your NFT (however, this requires you to have an ERC20 Wallet, Polygon Chain active, MATIC to pay gas).
NFT Locker allows any owner to resell their NFT on their marketplace at any price they choose and also can post for sell on Opensea.

How to Transfer NFT out of NFT Locker

  • You must have an ERC20 Wallet
  • You must add Polygon Chain to your Wallet
  • You must have MATIC Tokens on your Polygon Chain Wallet
  • Go to your NFT and Request Transfer
  • Once we unlock your NFT, you must immediately Transfer to your Wallet.
Polygon Contract Address: 0xABF9813058FdD8867CF3179823B1E2480867E981
Ethereum Contract Address: 0x6Ac128a9062041B3D59D2EC83A7CaF2FDf71D001