Door is a launch partner providing support on the launch and marketing of the NIL Token.
More information on DOOR available at
NIL is partnering with other utility tokens and projects that are aligned with the vision of connecting consumers with advertisers. Partnerships are a great strategy in growing the holder base as well as leveraging assets and the community.
Launch Partnerships can benefit both parties and accelerate their respective plans. In the case of NIL, we are looking for projects that align with the core principles of rewarding consumers and providing a valuable channel for advertisers.

What is DOOR?

DOOR is the #1 ad network powered by blockchain and cryptocurrency. DOOR launched DOOR Coin in July 2021. The launch price was .02 and currently is .48.
DOOR rewards you anytime you click and connect with a business through the DOOR app. Anyone who joins the DOOR Network is rewarded with DOOR Coin and can benefit directly from every ad they click, and product or service they buy.
More information available at

DOOR NIL Distribution

As part of the launch partnership, DOOR will swap 1,000,000 DOOR in exchange for NIL Tokens at the price 24 hours after launch. The NIL tokens will be distributed to DOOR Holders as rewards. The 1,000,000 DOOR provided to NIL will be locked for 1 year. This exchange encourages both NIL and DOOR to support each others projects and benefit mutually from the partnership.
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What is DOOR?
DOOR NIL Distribution