What to expect in Fees
Any time you transfer cryptocurrency there are fees. The following outlines the different fees to expect when buy/selling/transferring NIL.

What are Gas Fees?

Gas Fees are what the Ethereum Blockchain charges anytime there is a transaction. The gas fees can fluctuate in cost every minute, and ultimately is how the network is able to operate. The gas fees go to the miners (computers) who operate the network.
Unfortunately, gas fees can be high sometimes, so buying / selling any crypto on Uniswap will have additional costs.

What are the fees for NIL?

NIL has a total of 15% in fees for every transaction. These fees are divided into three specific uses. The reason for these fees is to reward holders of NIL and also ensure that there is sufficient liquidity.
5% Reflections. The fee for reflections is a way to reward holders by distributing real-time the tokens back to existing NIL holders.
2% Burn. The burn fee also benefits holders by reducing the total supply of NIL available in the market, thus increasing the value every transaction.
3% Marketing. To continue to fund the Marketing of the Project
5% Liquidity. The Liquidity fee helps all holders because it strengthens the liquidity pool in Uniswap.
So, although they are referred to as "fees", the benefit the holders of NIL.
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What are Gas Fees?
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