Door Token
The Value of Door Token

How many Door Tokens Exist?

There are 4,000,000,000 (Four Billion) Door Tokens.
These tokens are used to reward property owners and agents who register their property and are verified. Once a property is verified, the calculated reward is transferred from the REWARD Wallet to the DOOR Wallet of the Property Owner / Agent.
The OPS Account is used for operating expenses and also receives 18% of each Data License for ongoing expenses including marketing, infrastructure, R&D, and operations. The OPS Wallet on the Ethereum chain will receive timely batch deposits from the Door App.
The Initial 200M Door will be sold for the initial funding of operations and the initial Liquidity Pool on Uniswap.
The TEAM Account is used to compensate current and future Team Members for their work on the project.
The RESERVES Account is held for emergency funding in operations if the OPS account runs low or unforeseen events require more funding.

How is the value of the DOOR Token determined?

Like any cryptocurrency, the price is based on supply and demand. The primary marketplace for Door will depend heavily on the number of Property Owners that register and the number of Advertisers who register to buy data. The increase in the number of users will inherently create more transactions which will drive the demand for Door since Advertisers need to buy DOOR to buy Data.

How is the Property Data and Actionable-Real Time Data Priced?

Although pricing will depend heavily on the supply and demand on the Network, we can look at the current prices for the same data in today's market if you were to buy directly from a data provider. Here are some examples and pricing.
Data Pricing
Current Market USD Price
Home Owner Record with Contact Information
Home Owner Services Request - Real Estate Agent / Pre-Mover
Home Owner Services Request - Mortgage / Insurance
Home Owner Services Request - Home Repair
Home Owner Services Request - Home Improvement
Home Owner Services Request - Utilities
Realize, if there is no Advertiser who is looking for data for a specific Property, then the data will never be sold. The key to driving the pricing will be to hit a critical mass of Property Owners and Advertisers where there is a high likelihood of matches occurring more often.
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