Door Token
Founder's Locked Tokens
On July 7th the Founding Token holders agreed to stake (lock) their tokens for one-year. After one-year, there will be option to ladder-stake to provide responsible liquidity into the market.

DOOR has 45 Founders are Locked in for 1 year until July 7, 2022

The founding holders of DOOR have committed to locking shares for 1 year starting July7, 2021.
The tokens are locked in a STAKING WALLET located here:
The terms of staking include the following terms and benefits
    30% APY Interest is paid for all stakes one year or longer with over 100,000 DOOR or More.
    No ability to End Stake - however DOOR will offer limited liquidity during staking period by having the ability to buy back tokens to strengthen share price. This is due to low circulating supply in the liquidity pool.
    Founders will be able to keep up to the value of their original investment based on current price level of .40. All other Tokens are required to stake.

Circulating Tokens at Time of Stake Beginning

There is currently estimated 376,247,313 tokens in circulation. Of which founders own 363,747,313 of which 305,090,997 are staked (locked) until July 4, 2022. The total number of tokens in Uniswap is currently 2,861,363 which means there is 9,638,636 in holders hands (700+ wallets when counting wallets).

Staking Agreement signed by Founders

View the Staking Contract here.
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