Door Token
Early Adopter Advantage

The benefit of Advertisers buying Door Early

In the architecture of Door, there are clear advantages in buying DOOR early as an Advertiser. Since the pricing of the Data is based in DOOR Tokens, there is a clear advantage in purchasing upfront enough DOOR to ensure you maintain the best price for Data.
For example, if a property record costs 200 DOOR. And the current price of DOOR is $.01 USD. Then you are paying $2 per property. If the price of DOOR goes to $.10 USD, then you are paying $20 per property (assuming you need to buy more DOOR Tokens to continue to buy Property Data.). Therefore, it would make sense to purchase enough DOOR to pay for Property Data made available in the foreseeable future. Having a healthy balance of DOOR in your account will avoid inflation of cost per lead.
The second reason there is an incentive to maintain a healthy long-term balance of DOOR is to ensure you can set your account to automatically license real-time data. Since time to respond to leads is key to winning business, there is an advantage to being able to pay for the property data from an existing balance, and not have to wait to rebuy DOOR Tokens and wait for it to be available in your balance.
In summary, if the price of DOOR Token increases, the price for Data will increase for any new DOOR you purchase / exchange - but will stay the same for any DOOR already existing in your account.

The benefit of Registering Property Early

Every Property Owner will receive rewards for registering their Property on the Door Chain via the Door App. The rewards will be higher for early adopters and lower over time as more property owners register. Therefore the earliest registrations will receive more DOOR Tokens. To learn more on how the rewards program works please reference the White Paper.
The second advantage is because they are early, which means the supply is low and demand is high, the property data of early adopters will be sold more often and to more advertisers. Therefore, the early adopter Property Owners will earn more Door Tokens until other properties join the network and improve the short supply.
Last modified 3mo ago