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Property Market Statistics

Housing Statistics

The primary user for Door is property owners and advertisers. There are over 139 million properties in the U.S. with a total market value of 3.3 Trillion dollars.
    139.64 Million Housing Units in the U.S.
    80.6 Million Owner-Occupied Housing Units in the U.S.
    43.28 Million Housing Units Occupied by Renters
    5.64 Million Homes Sold in 2020
    Median Price per Home is $309,800
    3,006 Counties in US (Tax Assessor and Recorder databases)
    597 MLSs (Multiple Listing Services)

How much does a Property Owner spend on Home Services / Products?

The average property owner spends the majority of their income on home-related services and products. The biggest expense is the actual property itself (e.g. mortgage, title, real estate transaction). The second group of expenses is the utilities and repairs including roof, A/C, landscaping, and other costs in maintaining a property.
Based on an average home value of $300,000, a Property Owner spends up to $30,000 per year on home-related products and services.
    Real Estate Services (Selling Home) = 6% = $18,000
    Home Repairs = $3,600 per Year
    Home Improvement = $9,000 per Year
    Home Insurance = $1,200 per Year
    Utilities = $2,000 per Year
    Mortgage Interest / Fees = $14,400 per Year

Consumer Spending

The breakdown of consumer spending provides a clear picture of why Property Data is valuable to the market. Over 33% is spent on housing and housing-related expenses.
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