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Property Data

What is Property Data?

Property Data is information about the actual real estate property. Most people have used services like or and seen a basic overview of a property including the location (address) many other attributes like the number of bedrooms, bathrooms, and the size of the property. There are many other attributes that may not be included on public websites but are still very valuable to other service providers like real estate agents, insurance companies, or banks.

What is "Actionable Real-Time" Property Data?

Actionable Real-Time (ART) Property Data is data that is updated by the Property Owner about the property or about the intent to buy home services or products. Actionable Real-Time Data is captured inside the Door App and rewards the Property Owner for updating their ART. Here are examples of ART Data
    Property owner looking to sell the Property
    Property owner looking for home repair or home improvement
    Property owner looking to refinance the mortgage on the Property
    Property owner looking for furniture or other home products.
    Property owner looking for home insurance.
When ART Data is updated by the Property Owner it is available to license from Advertisers.

How is Property Data Protected

All Property Data that is registered on Door is by default available for advertisers to license using DOOR Tokens. The DOOR Tokens are used to pay the Property Owner for the use of their data. If the Property Owner does not want to share their Property Data they have the option to not register or remove any data they do not want to be available to license.
DOOR is acting as a transparent broker of property data and is rewarding the property owner for the use of their data. The property owner is choosing to license their data.

Why Property Data and Behavior is Valuable

The average Consumer spends 42.4% of their monthly income on housing-related costs. Housing is not only the largest expense for consumers, but for Property Owners is typically their most valuable asset. Any decisions related to their property can drive significant revenue for a wide range of home products and services.
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