Door Token
Property Owner / Agent

What is a Property Owner?

A property owner is the person, corporation, or trust that owns the title for the actual real property. All property owners will be verified matching their information to Property Record databases and matching Utility Bill. Verification for each property registered in the Door App is required before receiving Door Tokens for the use of the data.

What is an Authorized Property Agent?

An authorized agent is a person or business that is authorized to act on behalf of the property owner. If you are registering a property as an authorized agent, please provide documentation showing proof of authorization from the property owner.
Authorized Agents can include (but not limited to):
    Property Owner
    Real Estate Agent / Broker
    Home Inspector
    Mortgage Company / Bank
Because both the Owner and multiple Agents can register a property, multiple rewards can be distributed on the same property however it's based on the specific lists. For example, if a Property Owner has added their property to the "Need a Plumber" list, then no other agent can add the same Property to that list and earn rewards.
Property Rewards are based on the type of relationship with the property. Property Owner earns the best rewards. Renters are valued based on lease value. Property Agents are based on specifics of relationship.

I am a Property Owner, how do I register my Property?

You can register your property at The first step is to create an account, and then register your property. Once you verify your identity and then verify your property, you will receive DOOR Token for the use of your property data.
    Verification of Identity via Government Issued ID and Photo with ID
    Verification of Property Ownership is Utility Bill or equivalent Proof of Ownership

What if my property is owned by a Company or Trust?

If your property is owned by another name or company or trust, then Door will require further documents for the verification process. For a company or trust, we will require documentation that includes your name showing ownership in the company/trust.

What happens after I am verified?

After you have been verified along with your property, you will be available to advertisers to license your data. Every time your data is accessed, you will receive DOOR Tokens as payment. The amount and frequency depend on the data you have registered and the number of advertisers willing to license your data.
The DOOR Tokens are added to your balance in your Door Wallet. You will be notified any time your data is licensed via email. In order to continue to receive DOOR Tokens, you have to maintain your property on a monthly basis providing updates to your property and home services and products you are looking to buy.

Where are the DOOR Tokens stored for the Property Owner / Agent?

When a Property Owner or Agent receives DOOR Tokens for the use of their data it is added in the Door App in their Door Wallet. Every transaction is viewable via the Door App including who licensed the data. If the Property Owner wants to exchange DOOR Tokens for Ether (On the Ethereum Blockchain) they can withdraw DOOR Tokens and exchange on Uniswap for Ether and then to USD currency. For more details please view the section titled "Buying and Selling Door".
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