Door Token

What is a List?

Lists are how we organize Actionable Real-Time Data on Properties. When a Property Owner updates the status of a Property and adds intention to take an action (e.g. sell the property, repair the property or buy home products) - then the Property is added to the corresponding List.
To the Property Owner, they are simply checking a box when they have intent to take action. To the Advertiser, they receive a notification if they are subscribed to the corresponding list. For example, an Advertiser subscribes to the list - "Properties Looking for Home Repair". Once they subscribe to this List they will begin receiving notifications of Property Owners actively looking for Home Repair.
Examples of Lists
Home Owner Services Request - Real Estate Agent / Pre-Mover
Home Owner Services Request - Mortgage Refinance
Home Owner Services Request - Home Repair
Home Owner Services Request - Home Improvement
Home Owner Services Request - Maintenance Services (Cleaning, Landscape)
Home Owner Services Request - Utilities
Home Owner Services Request - Insurance
Home Owner Products Request - Furniture
Home Owner Products Request - Other

What is a Subscription?

In order to provide immediate real-time notifications, the Advertiser subscribes to one or more lists. A subscription will deliver data that matches the definition of the list.
For example, if the Advertiser subscribes to the "Properties Looking for Electricians" - then they will receive only properties looking for Electricians and have the option to license the Data.

How does an Advertiser Limit the Data they License?

In the Door App, the Advertiser can limit the Property Data they receive by zip codes. This avoids licensing data that is outside the service area of the Advertiser. The Advertiser can set their subscriptions to be Manual or Automatic licensing. If set to Manual, then the Advertiser needs to approve the licensing of each Property. If set to Automatic, the Property Data is automatically licensed.

How many Properties are in each List?

Each List size will depend on the number of properties that are registered and that have identified an intent to buy a home service or product.
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