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Door Rewards

Door Rewards for Registering Property

Currently only U.S. Properties can be registered and earn rewards. Anyone can own DOOR Tokens, but right now we only support licensing of U.S. based residential properties.
In order to provide incentives for Property Owners to register their property, there is an allocated pool of DOOR Tokens to be used to reward approved registrations of every property.
The reward pool is designed so that an average size US property ($300k USD) would receive 0.00001% (.0000001) of the outstanding tokens in the pool upon registration. As such the formula for reward pool distribution is:
    R is the reward received in DOOR token
    P is the current size of the reward pool in relation to the total circulating token valuation. This factor is based on reward pool % to reward early adopters and related to token valuation to ensure fair compensation for the data.
    V is the market value of the property registered if it is a property owner. For other types of property agents it is based on contract value or other fair measure. For renters it is based on annual lease value. For service providers it is based on commission or contract value.
    AVM is Automated Valuation Model used to determine average price in area of property address.
Once the Property is registered in the Door application and verified the DOOR Tokens are added to their Door Account in the application. The DOOR Tokens can be withdrawn at any time but the Property Owner is responsible for any gas/transfer fees from the exchange.

Door Reward Distribution

Since a majority of the tokens are in the Reward Pool (2.8 Billion) it is important to model out the expected distribution of these tokens over time. The availability of these tokens to be sold in the market is critical in order to provide the ability for advertisers to purchase DOOR Tokens to be used for licensing data.
The distribution of DOOR Tokens from the Reward Pool is dependent on the number of properties are registered. Although it's impossible to predict the volume of registrations, the following model is what we have used as a baseline.
The above model assumes 40,000,000 registrations over 12 years. Although the Reward Pool is expected to reach zero, there is still a heavy incentive for property owners/agents to register their properties to receive DOOR Tokens for the use/license of their data. The primary purpose of the Reward Pool was to be used as an incentive to build the initial population of users.
The above graph shows the average reward per property registration over time as well. The earlier registrations receive more DOOR Tokens than registrations that happen in the later years. This is of course another way to encourage early adoption.

Door Rewards for Data Use / Licensing

When an advertiser licenses (accesses) data from a Property Owner they are required to pay a usage fee in DOOR Tokens. The price for data usage will vary and adjust based on supply and demand and the type of data being licensed.
DoorRewardforData(DD)=DataUsageFeeDataTransferFeesDoor Reward for Data (DD) = Data Usage Fee - Data Transfer Fees
The Payments made by the Advertiser are deposited into the Property Owner's Door Account minus the Data Transfer Fees. The Data Transfer fees include 18% for ongoing operations, marketing, and infrastructure costs and 2% go to funding the liquidity pool. (See White Paper for more details)

What are Data Transfer Fees?

There are two different types of Data Transfer Fees - 1) Exchange / Swap Fees and 2) Door Transfer Fees
Exchange / Swap Fees are paid to the exchange when you swap DOOR Tokens for Ether (or another cryptocurrency). This is only paid when you withdraw or deposit DOOR via an exchange like Uniswap.
Door Transfer Fees are paid as part of any payment for data usage / licensing from an Advertiser to a Property Owner. The Door Transfer Fees are deposited into the Door Holding Account and used to continue to support the Door Rewards Program and future development of the Door Platform. Door Transfer Fees will not exceed 20%.

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