Door Help
How to Stake
You can now stake your DOOR in the app.

Step 1: Go to main navigation and select My Staking.

Step 2: Click Add Staking

Once you click on Add Staking you will see what Staking Pools are available. Each Pool has it's own requirements:
    Percent = The Percent on the total staked you will receive in DOOR at the end of the stake.
    Duration = The length of the stake.
    Min/Max Amount = The minimum and maximum you can contribute to the Pool.

Step 3: Select the Staking Pool you want to join

When you Add New Staking you put in the total amount of DOOR you want to stake, click I Agree to Terms of Staking and click Add New Staking. This will add your DOOR to the staking pool, and you will begin to earn interest on your DOOR.
Last modified 1mo ago