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Founder Friday (Nov 2021)
On November 5th (starting midnight on the 4th) we will match every purchase of DOOR (and also have a few other rewards as well).
Founders Friday allows all the people who supported us since we launched to be early in the road ahead. We have an exciting year ahead of us including our first exchange listing on Bitrue and the launch of our next generation pay-to-search Mobile App. This is a reward for everyone who believes in our vision and is ready to be part of the future of DOOR.
Any one who sells starting Oct 26th thru November 6th will not qualify for the promo.
  • 2X REWARDS - All DOOR buyers on Nov 5 will be matched 100% of total buy.
  • 3X REWARDS - All DOOR buyers who buy a total of 2,000 DOOR or more on Nov 5 will be matched an additional 100%.
  • 10X REWARDS - Every hour on Nov 5, DOOR Founders will give away DOOR to a buyer to 10x their total DOOR purchase in that hour on Nov 5

The Terms

If you have any questions about the details below please contact us on Telegram @doorcoinchat.
  • All participants must have a verified account on to receive rewards.
  • All matches are rewards for holding purchased DOOR for a year.
  • All Matched Rewarded DOOR Tokens will be held in account and locked up for 12 months.
  • DOOR purchases can be done via Uniswap or You must register your Ethereum Wallet on MyDoorWallet in order for the match to be put into your account.
  • Anyone who sells their DOOR tokens on or before Nov. 5th and after Oct. 26th does not qualify for this promotion.
  • In order to receive rewards after the one-year lockup - you must hold your original purchase. If any of the initial buy is sold prior within the next year, the equivalent in matching rewards will be sacrificed and shared prorate among all participants of the promo. (for example, if you buy 1,000 tokens, and matched 1,000 - and then sell 500 before 1 year, you lose 500 matching rewards. Participants must have a Account and register their Ethereum Wallet as a 3rd party wallet to be included in the hourly reward.
  • The 2x rewards are unlimited.
  • The 3x and 10x rewards will be limited to a total of 1,000,000 DOOR Tokens distributed as rewards.
  • 10X Winners will be announced periodically during the day (10am, 2pm, 6pm, Midnight)
  • 10X selection will be randomly chosen from a list of each buyer (one entry per hour maximum per buyer). The random selection will be recorded and posted on Telegram Channel (@doorcoinchat).
As always, this promotion is for holders. All matching tokens we reward will be held in your account for one year. If any tokens purchased on Nov. 5th are sold within that year, the reward will be sacrificed (e.g. taken away). You only keep the rewards if you hold the original buys for the duration of the hold period.
All rewards that are sacrificed due to selling original buy during the year will be pooled into the DOOR Sacrifice Wallet and will be distributed pro-rata to all DOOR Holders who participate in Founder Friday promo and hold 100% of their original buy.
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The Terms