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Founder Friday
Founder Friday is a promotion that we launched on July 16th, 2021.
On Founders Friday July 16 at 10am EST, if you purchase DOOR, the Founders will match in a gift the same amount and put it in your MyDoorWallet. See terms below:
Requirements to Participate: - Must be a DOOR Holder prior to Friday on Etherscan or - Must not sell DOOR prior to Friday. - Must join Telegram our telegram group at - Must setup Account and provide Wallet information for verification
Hold Periods are based on purchase

How to Get Ready

Step 1: Setup your wallet at
Step 2: Make sure you own DOOR prior to July 16
Step 3: Make sure you do not sell ANY DOOR after today
Step 4: Join our Telegram Group if you are on Telegram at
Step 5: On July 16 after 10am EST until 8pm EST, any DOOR you buy will be matched.

Fine Print

The reward is deposited into your account and is locked for the HOLD Period. The reward is a match to new DOOR purchased on Friday. DOOR Holder has full control over the DOOR they purchase, however if you sell your DOOR that was purchased during the HOLD Period, the reward will be reduced by the same amount. To keep the full reward, you must hold all DOOR until the Hold period is over. Once the purchase of DOOR is verified on Etherscan we will put matching DOOR into your MyDoorWallet account and lock for a designated period based on the amount of DOOR purchased on Friday July 16th starting at 10am EST. WE ARE REWARDING YOU BASED ON WHAT YOU HOLD - NOT WHAT YOU BUY ON FRIDAY. This offer is for HOLDERS. (Note: There will be future promotions that continue to reward HOLDERS, especially those who are HOLDING the longest. So remember, that when you sell you could disqualify yourself from future promotions.)
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