Door Help
How to earn Door Coin
DOOR rewards consumers for the use of their data by businesses and advertisers.

First Step - Register your Property

The first way to earn DOOR is to register one or more properties. Once they are verified by DOOR, you will receive DOOR directly into your DOOR Wallet.
Note: We are only verifying and rewarding US residential properties at this point in time.
In order to receive rewards for a property, you need to be the owner or an authorized agent. You will be required to upload a document proving your ownership

How do I prove I am the owner or authorized agent?

Here is a list of documents that will help with verification (we only require one):
    Utility Bill with your Name (water, electric, cable, etc)
    Listing Agreement or MLS Listing (if you are a real estate agent/broker)
    Lease Agreement (if you are a lessee/renter)
    Home Inspection (if you are a home inspector)
    Drivers License (if the address of the property is on the license)

What happens when my property is verified?

Once your property is verified we update the estimated market value of your property. The market value of the property determines how much DOOR you receive as a reward. The higher the value of the property the higher the reward.
You will be notified after verification, the DOOR will be directly deposited into your DOOR Wallet. You can view it under MY WALLET > TRANSACTIONS.
This is an example of reward deposit you will see in your transactions

Second Step: How to earn more DOOR when you opt-in to connect with Home Service Providers?

After you have been verified and your property is verified, you are able to earn more DOOR by updating your property and opting into receiving information from local Home Service Providers (e.g. Home Repair, Electrician, Lawn Maintenance, Real Estate Agents, etc.).
When you click on your property, you will see multiple options available to ensure you are matched with the correct professional.
When you select one or more of the options for your property, your data will be available to our network of quality service providers. The good news, is they pay to access your information in order to reach out and win your business.
Each time a new business accesses your property data you earn more DOOR.

Update your Property when you found your Professional

Once you have decided on the home services professional you are going to hire to help with your project, you can update your property by un-checking your request. This will stop any future businesses from being able to license your data.
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