Door Help
How to Access Leads
DOOR connects businesses with consumers and homeowners who have requested to be contacted.

First, you need to configure your DOOR wallet app Lead Settings

Once you have registered at and verified your account, you need to configure your lead settings and choose the lists you want to subscribe to under MY LEADS.
Here is a video tutorial on customizing your leads settings

Lead Settings

Under MY LEADS > Lead Settings you have to make sure you click Notify Me when a new lead matches my criteria. This will send you an email, so you don't miss any leads.
You can also click the checkbox on Automatically License Data that Matches my Criteria. This will make sure you are given all lead full information automatically so you can respond first. Otherwise, you will be required to log in to the app, and manually select each lead and license the data.

Restrict To The Following Zip Codes

In order to ensure you only get leads in zip codes your business can service we only deliver leads in zips that are listed under Restrict to the Following Zip Codes section of MY LEADS > LEAD SETTINGS.

Subscribe to Lists

The final step is to subscribe to the Lists that match your type of lead. For example, if you are a real estate agent, you would subscribe to the list "Looking for a Real Estate Agent to help sell this Property". Anytime a consumer clicks on this option, they will be added to this list. If you subscribe to this list, and the location matches your Restricted Zips - then you will get the lead.
And of course, make sure you have deposited DOOR Coin into your account. You pay-per-lead on DOOR.
Last modified 3mo ago